We just love it when our customers retrofit our bikes to their liking.

Here we have Mr. Renee Blake who purchased a Buzzraw pedal bike and Cobble cross fork.

Renee Blake (Canada)

I purchased the Buzzraw as a project bike. It arrived quickly and well packed and the quality is superb! Such a wonderful little bike. The fat tires handle all the bumps in the road and the size and riding position are perfect. every part of this bike has a quality finish and I get a lot of compliments.

I purchased the Cobble cross Suspension fork to make my Buzzraw look more aggressive and “even out” some of the bigger bumps. It’s huge! It was fairly simple to install – even for a novice and once again, the quality was top notch. It has a lot of adjustments so that you can dial in a smooth ride without it being mushy.

The Buzzraw cargo net is possibly the handiest part of the bike! I can load it full of all sorts of items and know where they are and that they will be there at the end of my ride. Once again, it was simple to install and a quality item.

Thank you, Renee, for the wonderful review we are glad that you find the cargo net handy!

Here we have a customer from Japan Mr. Toshitaka Sugimura, he owns a Buzzraw Pedal in stealth black. Mr. Toshitaka custom made his surf rack carrier for his Buzzraw.

Toshitaka Sugimura (Japan)

I live in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. A few hundred meters to the coast.

I love surfing, so when I go to the sea, I ride my Buzzraw.

I remodeled it to carry a surfboard.

The coastal cycling road is always sandy and Buzzraw is very helpful with the big tires.

Thank you, Toshitaka for the review and showing us how adaptable our frames are.

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