Embarking on the Buzzraw X Project

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Back in 2012, we started off our business designing and manufacturing commuting bikes. The Coastliner and Coastliner mini.

Coastliner and Juggernaut

At the beginning of the fat bike trend in 2013, we knew it would be cool if we could design a BMX inspired fat bike also known as the Juggernaut.

With the success of the Juggernaut, we then ventured on to make an entire collection of fat bikes, 20", 24" and 26". In this exercise, we gained plenty of experience in manufacturing and production.

Goliah 20", 24" and 26"

We always have a thing for cool motorbikes, especially cafe racers and have been following guys like Deus for a while. We love Yamaha TW and Honda Monkey. One day when we were browsing through the web, we came across the minibike and thought it would be cool to modify the Juggernaut to have a frame like the minibike. And the Ruckus was born in 2015.

Interbike 2015

Interbike 2016

What started off as a simple frame project, and quickly became a year long design process. As we wanted it to work with standard MTB component, chainline, B.B widths, and countless electrification options were considered for and engineered to fit.

As our company is based in Singapore, our roads are close to perfect and always smooth with no potholes. Having sold thousands of Buzzraw around the world, we receive many request from customers to make one with suspension. Having been with our customers, listening to them and riding in their environment, we decided to embark on the Buzzraw X project.

Prior to starting on the Buzzraw X, we have designed and manufactured our own full suspension mountain bikes and the experience gained from there help benefitted the Buzzraw X. Manufacturing tolerances to prolong service life, stress relief in frame design, suspension linkage, leverage ratios and shock selection.

At the start of the Buzzraw X project, we knew that it will be an uphill task. Designing a frame that is reminiscent of the original Buzzraw, and yet have a properly functioning suspension design.

We knew from the start that we will need a robust fork option. One that will take a beating and also look cool at the same time. We combed the bike industry for existing fork options but none were up to par with what we expected of a high quality suspension fork. Most fat bike compatible 20” forks in the market today will not last a year without deteriorating in performance. Steel stanchions, poor quality fork seals with plenty of static friction just isn’t our thing. Stay tuned as we update you with the progress and developments of the Buzzraw X.

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